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Tips for WordPerfect Users


Go to Page:  I use this one fairly often.

WP11 doesn't come with this shortcut; I don't know why not.  But there is a macro which allows you to hit Control G and get a box to enter the page number you want.  Here's how. 

Quick Find:  I don't use this one every day, but on the days I'm tweaking, polishing, or revising, it gets used a lot.

You're sitting in front of your WIP.  You've just typed a word ("hustle" for example) and you're thinking, Didn't I just use this word a few minutes ago?  Have I used it too often?  Where was that??  With one click of your mouse, WP can take you right to it; it's that simple.  Here's how

Quick Start:  I no longer use this one, as I discovered when my files got really long, I'd get some funny lines.  But if you're a writer who puts every chapter in a different file, it might work for you, so I left the instructions here.

You sit down to work.  You click on your WP desktop icon.  Then comes the WP splash screen, all the folder choices, all the file choices.  Wouldn't it be nice if you clicked on the icon and your WIP folder or file opened automatically?  It can!  Here's how.





     Here's How:


Go To Page: There are many WP macros you can get off the internet.  For this one, go to Barry MacDonnell's page and download the macro. I got used to using this in an earlier version of WP, but it didn't come with my current one, so I added it.

Now that you have it, you can use it the slow way, through the drop down menu.  Or you can do what I did, and assign it a shortcut key.  All I do is push Control G, and the little search box pops up.

How to add a shortcut key: Right click on your toolbar.  Select Settings --> Keyboard --> highlight current version of your keyboard (mine is WPWin11 keyboard) --> click Edit.  The box on the left is where you choose a shortcut key.  Scroll down to G+Ctrl or any blank key you want.  Highlight it.  Go to the box on the right and select the Macro tab.  Click Assign Macro to Key.  A screen pops up.  Find "Go to page number.wcm" and click on Select.  If it asks you if you want to save it with a full path, click No.  Save, and you're finished.  Next time you're in a document, push Control G, you'll get a box, enter the page you want to go to, and it should work.

You can remove this assignment in the same screen where you choose the key.  Below that option is a box to click to remove the assignment if you decide to change it.



Quick Find Instructions:  You'll need to add 2 buttons to a toolbar, either one you're already using or a new one.  I customized the Font toolbar and put it off to the side where it doesn't take away from space I need to see my wip. 

1)  Font toolbar: Right click on any toolbar you have.  Check Font.  The Font toolbar will appear on your screen.  Drag and drop it to right side of screen so it runs top to bottom along the edge.  If you're working in a blank document, type something on the screen or you won't see the following changes.

2)  Quick Find Buttons: Right click on Font toolbar --> Edit settings --> in Feature Categories, select Edit --> in the box below that, select Quick Find Next Current Word --> click on Add Button.  Repeat for QF Previous Current Word.  --> click OK.

3) Open any text document; your wip would be good.  With your cursor on any word, take your mouse and click on one of the two new buttons, which should be "abc" over an arrow, one pointing backward, the other forward.  WP will jump to another instance of the same word.  Keep clicking and you'll find every instance.



Quick Start Instructions:

Right click on your WP desktop icon --> Properties.  You're going to add something to the Target box.  (Not yet!)  If it's grayed out, you'll need a new shortcut.  If not, if it's ready to go, skip ahead.

New shortcut: Start --> Search --> type in: wpwin*.exe (or wpwin11.exe if you use WP11).  When it's located, right click the .exe file --> choose Send to --> Desktop.  Close the Search box.  Go to Desktop and locate the new shortcut --> right click --> check to see if the Target box is now active.  (Do not modify it yet!)

Before you fill in the Target box, you need to find the exact string to put there.  Search for the WP file you want to open automatically.  Start --> Search --> your file name.  When it's located (the long one, not the shortcut!), copy the path exactly.  You'll have to do it by hand.  This leads to the folder your file is in, not the actual file.  (You may prefer this.)

Now, return to the Target box in the WP desktop shortcut.  Leave everything that's already there.  Go to the end of the line and add this in one long line:
: (this stops the splash screen)
"the c: path to your file here\your file name here"

"C:\Program Files\WordPerfect Office 11\Programs\wpwin11.exe" : "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\Corel User Files\WIP\chapters1-6.wpd"

Click Apply; that's it!  Test it by clicking on your new desktop shortcut.  If you did it correctly, WP should open right to your file (or folder, if you prefer).  If it doesn't work correctly and your computer's been on overnight or all day while you were working, restart it to free up some memory.  Then try the new shortcut again.


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