How to Lessen the Sting of Rejection

You worked forever on your last project. You polished it within an inch of your sanity. You've been waiting on pins and needles for months and haven't heard a word. You don't know whether to write or call. You ask every writer you know what they think you should do.

And then your submission shows up in your mailbox. warning. Nothing. Coming back without a call can't be good. Sound familiar?

You read the cover letter. God, it's awful. They hate it. They hate you. They don't want to see your work ever again.

That's not what the letter says, of course. But that's what you read. It's happened to all of us. What follows is days and weeks of blues, mental self-flagellation, second-guessing yourself, an inability to put any words to paper.

How do you get past this? I'm here to tell you how I did it!