Publicize Your Book

You have a book coming out.  What do you do?  Lots of things, so leave plenty of time to look over the places below and choose where you want to spend your money.

Novel Talk ~ I can't say enough good things about this site.  Pam and Laura really have their act together, from a promotion checklist, blogging practically from your email (with questions to answer, so you're not wondering what to say), links to your page, reviews, a place to buy discounted copies of your own books, promotional merchandise, newsletters, contests run for you, and more.  While this all sounds overwhelming, they present it in a manner that's almost as easy as follow-the-dots. 2010 update: They are no longer doing website updates for authors; several of their clients now come to me at NovelSites for that.

Send out a Newsletter ~ There are free online services available if you send out a limited number of newsletters; do a search for them. I send out a larger number through Vertical Response, and have been quite happy with that service. They cull undeliverable addresses, so while I get charged for them once, it's only for the one time they attempt to deliver. They eliminate duplicate addresses automatically. They provide reports which you can design to your specs. 2010 note: This didn't start out as self-promotion, but several authors have hired me to handle this for them via NovelSites.

Fresh Fiction ~ Lots of opportunities here, special packages.

Romance Reviews Today ~ You can have a page on their site, banner ads, interview, review, and more.

If you write paranormal, consider these:

Romance Sells ~ You need lead time on this.  It's a time-sensitive, hard-copy publication that offers you the opportunity to let booksellers and librarians across the country be aware of your upcoming published titles.  You must be a member of RWA, and you'll need to submit artwork.  Some people think this is easy.  I was in a time crunch and, rather than wade through all the instructions, I hired a publicist who does it on a daily basis.

If you write for Avon, we authors have our own web site where we keep our readers up-to-date, with new release information, links to personal web sites, a fun page, bulletin board with lively discussion, and more.  If you write for another publisher, google around a bit and you'll probably find a similar community to join.