Witch in the House:

"5 Cups" rating ~ "I do not know how Jenna McKnight does it but every time she creates a story it really grabs me! This one is no exception. With refreshing characters, good friends, and a delicious plot, this is one entertaining read. She has two more stories coming soon with Annie’s and Courtney’s story, in this series, and I can hardly wait to read them. I absolutely fell in love with Jade and Mason in this rare and enticing tale." ~ Cherokee, for Coffee Time Romance

"10 out of 10" by Harriet Klausner ~ "This is an entertaining paranormal romantic mystery starring two protagonists who have a previous connection between them that neither realizes when they meet. The story line is an amusing lighthearted romp as the lead pair keeps secrets from one another including his wiring her house and her casting spells. Fans will enjoy this fun frolic starring a bewitching heroine and the sleuth who charms her without the use of a love spell."

"Quirky, witchy romance at its best!" ~ Paula Myers, Fresh Fiction

"Amazingly witty, this adventure in love and witchcraft will have readers laughing from the first page." ~ Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

"Jenna McKnight's WITCH IN THE HOUSE is a fun, well-written romance, the first of three. I look forward to returning to the small town in Missouri and learning the fate of the three missing husbands!" ~ Paula Myers, Fresh Fiction

Love in the Fast Lane:

Be still my heart!  Read the following review by Tracy Zappala, a Contemporary Romance Writer Official Reviewer at  It's long, but definitely worth it! ~ Jenna

"Jenna McKnight writes a fun-filled, fast paced ghostly romance in her new release Love In The Fast Lane. Readers are sure to love this fiery romance with a little bit of everything, including a charming love struck racecar driver and a take no-prisoners modern woman. Falling in love has never been so fun and crazy!

"Scott Templeton has just lost one of the most important races of his life because noticing a ghost, the racing legend Speed Cooper, in his passenger seat during a hairy turn sends him into the wall. Now he’s recovering from various injuries and can’t seem to get rid of Cooper. So Scott makes a deal, he’ll give his expensive hemi engine to Cooper’s Mom and in exchange he will be free from Cooper’s obnoxious presence. The only thing he has to worry about is if Cooper’s super savvy businesswoman daughter Maggie is around. As Scott’s luck would have it, Maggie shows up with the police in tow creating a combustible first encounter.

"Maggie Cooper is on the fast track and it doesn’t include any racecars or racecar drivers. She had enough of that growing up in the shadow of Speed Cooper. Maggie is determined to make the most of her life and getting the best job possible is her ticket out of small town America. Her current boyfriend has already moved to Chicago and has set up an interview for her with his big time firm. Now the appearance, at her Grammy’s house, of a super slick and sexy racecar driver raises all her red flags. So canceling her interview for the time being and staying on to check him out seems to be the best solution.

"Love In The Fast Lane is one of the funniest, sexiest and imaginative romances readers should have the treat of reading. While the story gets off to a slow start, when Scott and Maggie finally meet the sparks just keep flying and a slow start revs to a “can’t put it down” read. McKnight gives readers some very memorable character from Scotts Latin-spouting friends to Maggie’s controlling boyfriend Kevin. Most memorable is Maggie’s Grammy Lucille a sweet and sassy old lady with tons of grit and a soft spot for strays.

"Love In The Fast Lane goes over the top with funny antics between Maggie and Scott. Most fiery for readers is the wonderful dialog that seems to roll between Maggie and Scott. McKnight creates a friendship and rapport between these two characters then kicks it up a notch by giving readers a fiery romance. Included in all this mayhem are Maggie’s jokes about the crazy wildlife at the farm and Scott’s fear of spiders. Love In The Fast Lane moves quickly after the story is set up, so keep your eyes open or you’ll miss some of this savvy, smart and oh, so brilliant romance that will simple knock your socks off. This is one you won’t want to miss." ~Tracy Zappala,

Listed as a "Top Pick" by Romance Reader at Heart: "LOVE IN THE FAST LANE is fun, fearless reading that will raise your heart rate a notch or two. Maggie and Scott have sparks oozing off of the pages and had me burning the candle at both ends just to get to their happily-ever-after." ~ Kristal Gorman,

"Truly one of the funniest and sweetest romances that I have read in a very long time...heat between Maggie and Scott sizzled right off of the pages...really ingenious and great fun...a real pick-me-up." ~ Lori,

"Love In The Fast Lane keeps you racing though the pages...Buckle yourself in and let Jenna McKnight get you ready for Love In The Fast Lane." ~ Lydia Funneman, Writers Unlimited, Reviewer

"Jenna McKnight...creates a keeper in her romantic comedy Love in the Fast Lane! Way to go McKnight!" ~ Tracy Marsac, newand

"A delightful story about a man, his car, and his ghostly pest...well written...Terrific and fast paced tale."
~ Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

"Love in the Fast Lane is a thrilling read...on the edge of the seat exciting...memorable characters that really make this story incredible...crisp, witty, dialogue that keeps the story sizzling." ~ Awarded "5 Cups" by Coffee Time Romance

"LOVE IN THE FAST LANE is an enjoyable tale with thoroughly likeable characters...a delightful story...sure to bring a smile to any reader’s face." ~

"Ms. McKnight’s writing will keep you laughing til the wee hours of the morning."  ~Marilyn Puett, Writers Unlimited Reviewer

"Jenna McKnight has written a marvelously entertaining story full of warmth and humor. New readers are sure to learn what fans of her series romances already know -- this is one very talented author who should not be missed."  ~Sondrea Cash, Romance Reviews Today

"McKnight will absolutely delight readers with this adorable tale."  ~Patricia Rouse, Rouse's Romance Readers Groups

"It's on my recommends list for my customers."  ~Cindi Streicher, Waldenbooks

"Offbeat, funny and romantic, author Jenna McKnight delivers with a flourish!"   ~Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times Magazine

"Ms. McKnight entertains us with mayhem and mishaps surrounding Darius the statue and Darius the living, breathing man. This is a humorous gem of a story."  ~Sabrina Marino, Old Book Barn Gazette

"Who couldn't laugh at the image of the mighty Zeus surfing the internet, or an ancient Greek god trying to figure out what a modern woman really wants.  You can't miss with this romantic comedy."  ~Tracy Marsac,

"Greek mythology gets a fresh and clever twist in McKnight's witty and sexy contemporary comedy that is pure fun for readers who like a bit of fantasy with their romance."  ~Booklist

"By Zeus!  Jenna McKnight's GREEK GOD AT THE LADIES' CLUB is laugh out loud funny.   A sparkling gem inspired by the gods!" ~Patti Berg, USA TODAY Bestselling Author

"A Greek God at the Ladies’ Club is a humorous and touching tale. Alex and her gang of orphans are charming. Darius and his brother Hermes are hilarious. Darius is unprepared for the psyche of a modern woman, and Alex cannot comprehend his “I am a god” attitude. Darius’ reaction to seeing women wearing jewelry is worth the price of the book, and the excellent storytelling throughout is a bonus for the reader."  Rating: 4 roses.  ~Paula, 

"Readers will enjoy this romantic fantasy starring a delightful female protagonist and a somewhat haughty hunk . . . fans will appreciate this amusing tale of a mortal teaching a God-rake what really matters."  ~Harriet Klausner